Aromatherapy is a healing art which can be very beneficial if used properly. In today’s fast paced world in which people have reckless lifestyles, erratic schedules, etc. people are more prone to various ailments and health problems. Problems like fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression have become very common.

To combat these problems people usually take medicines that are synthetically produced and have dangerous side effects. Aromatherapy is the solution.

In Aromatherapy, treatment is done using fragrance or scents that are completely natural and are derived from flowers, resins, wood, roots, fruits, herbs, leaves, seeds etc.

These essential oils (natural extracts) have properties both therapeutic and aromatic. So you can use them whether you have a problem or just for aromatic pleasure.

These essential oils can be used in ways very simple like adding them to your shower gels, shampoos, air fresheners, massage oils, moisturizers etc.

Therapeutically, Aromatherapy is a science that deals with the physical, mental and spiritual domain of a person’s response to essential oils as well as improves his/her internal healing process. In the field of alternative medicine, Aromatherapy is the most rapidly growing field. Today it is being accepted world over and is being used in homes, clinics and hospitals for various applications. As a holistic medicine, aromatherapy can be used for prevention or for an ongoing cure.

And remember the best part, Aromatherapy being completely natural does not have any side effects.