Aromatherapy Blending


Mixing of essential oils is called Blending. Creating your own personal essential oil blends can be one of the most creative and satisfying aspects of aromatherapy. Blends can be created for aromatic pleasure as well as for therapeutic purposes. Aromatic blends suitable for personal or room fragrancing.Therapeutic blends are for a specific therapeutic purpose such as for easing aching muscles, head-ache, acne, etc.

Blending Basics

This section deals with the basics of blending which you should keep in mind while blending with essential oils. Aromatherapy oils in the same category generally blend well together. We hesitate specifying that particular categories blend well with other specific categories because it can limit your creativity and experimentation. Additionally, there are always exceptions.

To get you started, below are some categories that generally blend well together.

  • Floral blend well with spicy, citrusy and woodsy oils.
  • Woodsy oils generally blend well with all categories.
  • Spicy and oriental oils blend well with floral, oriental and citrus oils. Be careful not to overpower the blend with the spicy or oriental oils.
  • Minty oils blend well with citrus, woodsy, herbaceous and earthy oils.

Please check out our page of Essentials Oils classification according to their aromas to know more and start blending.