Therapeutic Blending

Blends for Therapy

The most important part is to select essential oils for the therapeutic actions they deliver, keeping in mind what condition you want to treat. But It's also important to make sure that the selected oils do not have any contraindications or safety issues that can affect other aspects of your health.

For example, if you want to treat dandruff and you also happen to be bearing a child, you should not include rosemary because it is contraindicated in pregnancy. As another example, you would be sensible enough not create an arthritis blend that includes peanut oil (a carrier oil used to dilute essential oils and is reported to provide benefit in arthritis blends) if you are allergic to peanuts.

When making therapeutic blends, it is also important to consider all the therapeutic actions you desire and avoid using oils that clash with your goals.

For example, let’s say you are having severe period cramps and are having trouble sleeping. Peppermint and Cypress are oils that provide relief with menstrual cramps. But, peppermint and cypress are energizing oils. Thus, you would want to avoid these oils in a blend that you’d use right before bed.