Aromatherapy Blending Tips

Here, we have listed a few blending tips for you which may be of some benefit to you.

  1. When making a new blend, start with small total number of drops of either 5, 10, 20 or 25 drops. 25 drops should be the most that you should start with. By starting small, you would waste less amount of oil in an event that the blend does not provide the therapeutic results that you seek.
  2. Start making your blend by only using essential oils, absolutes or CO2s. After you have designed the blend, you need to dilute it by adding a carrier oil, alcohol, etc.
  3. Keep a lists of each oil that you used with the number of drops used for each blend. This way, you can reproduce a blend if you ever need to. It’s easy to forget which oils and in what proportions you used to make a blend if you did not make a note.
  4. Label your blends clearly. If you can not specify exactly what your blend is, label it with a number that corresponds to a number in your list.