Aromatherapy Recipe for Children Cuts

Sometimes our little ones get an injury and its fear far greater than the injury itself. For these times when your little one is crying hard but the injury is minor, have him/her help you make this easy recipe. It gets them involved in learning first aid, also helps take their mind off the injury, and the Lavender recipe helps calm them and kill a few germs.

Note: This recipe isn't intended for serious cuts/scrapes or injuries.

Aromatherapy Recipe

1 Cotton Ball
Witch Hazel (astringent) - enough to saturate the cotton ball
1-2 drops Lavender essential oil

Directions for Use

Depending on the age and abilities of your little one, have him/her help you by saturating a cotton ball with Witch hazel. Then, apply one drop of Lavender essential oil to the saturated cotton ball. Have your little one smell the "Children's Cut Recipe." Since Lavender oil helps in bringing calm, the aroma can be soothing. Then, apply the recipe to the minor cut/scrape or allow your little one to do it. Apply a band-aid if necessary.