Aromatherapy Recipes for Shower Gels

Sometimes a bath is just not always practical. As an option, Aromatherapy shower gels are a great way to give your body a quick refreshing treat- whether to boost your immune system or ease stress-related eczema. An energizing aromatherapy shower gel is better than caffeine or nicotine for getting you going, and it refreshes and cleanses you too.

Aromatherapy shower gels can also be a gentle yet effective way to help treat a wide range of skin conditions.

These shower gels can also be great for preventing insect bites and stings, and for reducing the itchiness, inflammation and infections that come with stings and sun burns. For this reason, Aromatherapy shower gels are a must for traveling. So if the mosquitoes line up to greet you when you arrive on vacation, try making use of the amazing recipes mentioned here, or create your own blend.

One had particularly good results using Vetiver, Lemongrass, Lavender, Cedarwood and Chamomile essential oils in various combinations. Don’t try Lemongrass and German Chamomile essential oils together- they don’t smell very nice!

Aromatherapy Recipe #1 : Beautiful

As well a smelling wonderfully clean, clear and woody, this blend is great for stress-related skin conditions. Yarrow is a good anti-inflammatory essential oil, Sandalwood and Cedarwood essential oils are both great for acne-prone skins, and Bergamot essential oil is an immune stimulant and can also help to clear infections. This recipe also makes a very effective insect repellant.

2 drops Yarrow essential oil
2 drops Sandalwood essential oil
2 drops Cedarwood essential oil
4 drops Bergamot essential oil
25ml (0.8fl oz) shower gel

Aromatherapy Recipe #2 : Cellulite Help

Cellulite - those orange peel like dimplings on hips, thighs and other body parts- can be reduced if you improve the circulation in affected areas. Rosemary essential oil is perfect for this, and it helps your body to clean and detoxify, as does Lemon essential oil. You should drink lots of water– up to 2 liters a day.
Geranium is useful if you indulge in a little chocolate worship, and if the thought of any kind of regime makes your heart sink. Its sweetness will lift your spirits and reduce craving to a manageable level. It will also add a pleasant smell to the blend.

44 drops Rosemary essential oil
3 drops Lemon essential oil
1 drop Geranium essential oil
20ml (0.6fl oz) shower gel

Aromatherapy Recipe #3 : Share This One

The generous heart of yours might choose to share this shower gel with someone special. This particular recipe of essential oils encourages feelings of warmth and love. It is a very potent gel, not least because of the wide range of essential oils it contains.

1 drop Rose essential oil
3 drops Neroli essential oil
2 drops Coriander essential oil
2 drops Rosewood essential oil
2 drops Vetiver essential oil
30ml (1fl oz) shower gel

Aromatherapy Recipe #4 : Wake Up Call

You are feeling tired, the alarm went off too early, you are fatigued and don’t know how you are going to get through the day. Try this invigorating blend: Peppermint essential oil to wake you up and clear your head, Rosemary essential oil to keep you alert and to ease any muscular aches or pains, Lemon and Coriander essential oil to aid detoxification. This is especially good if you are suffering from a hangover.

2 drops Rosemary essential oil
3 drops Peppermint essential oil
2 drops Coriander essential oil
2 drops Lemon essential oil
25ml (0.8fl oz) shower gel